At Force Alfa Securitas our three fundamental core values are- Alertness, Integrity and Commitment.

For us ‘Always Alert’ is an attitude, a way of life. A FORCE ALFA employee is always attentive and often notices things that others don’t. We teach and encourage information sharing amongst our guards, both vertically and horizontally. Alertness also means observing and evaluating seemingly harmless situations and if required reporting. This is necessary in order to defuse a potential risk well in advance.

When we are entrusted with securing a parameter, we acknowledge that our clients trust us not only with the safety of their employees but also of material and other valuable information. It becomes the highest priority of every FORCE ALFA employee to reciprocate this trust in us with all their honesty and integrity. FORCE ALFA SECURITAS never compromise on its demand for integrity.  

In our quest to be the best, we constantly encourage our guards to go beyond the call of duty. When needed, a FORCE ALFA employee will lend assistance, even if it is not directly related to his or her job. We strongly believe that as a security specialist, we are committed to create a safe and happy working environment for our clients